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Gabriel Huertas gabrielhuertas at
Sat Apr 5 13:39:24 CEST 2003


Finally, I compilled Aranym 0.8.0beta1 in RedHat 7.1 with jit, but now I
can´t make a static version.
Does it need more libraries for compiling as static than dinamic? why? I do
not understand.

Another question, what's the fastest desktop manager for running aranym? and
waht is the slowest? I think samll things like tawm or fvwm are the best
choices, aren't they?

And the last question:
When I am inside the aranym windows under genome, the pause key makes
nothing, and I can not take off the mouse cursor of the aranym window. The
only choice found was to close the window with hotkeys. What are the
solutions to this issues?

Thanks in advance

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