ARAnyM Demo CD app contents questionary

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Is there a way to add a "TaskBar" to the bottom like Windows has or something similar?  

Maybe for us Atari users who never got a hardrive and never got Mint working...documentation that gives a good explanation of each program used?  I like the file system image and would like to understand it better.  

If this documentation already exists for each application, can I be pointed in the right direction? :)


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> > BTW, the Teradesk is not bad but a desktop without a picture looks
> > boring in 16-bit color. Could somebody add the JPG/PNG background
> > picture functionality there within a few days, please?
>Or... just simply ask Eric Reboux to borrow his superb 'Direct' desktop
>that _noone_ saw so far. :( Maybe except his closes friends. ;)

Look at this screenshot:

Direct is the most speed and beautifull desktop I have seen on Atari, but 
it's actually an unfinish
no copy possible for example. Pehaps Eric read us? I ask him by phone all 
the week about this!!!

And Direct doesn't work correctly with XAAES (we have done some patch it 
work near perfect
and we have send to Petr archive for this actually no time to work on CVS)

It have too a small problem on Aranym FS V0.7, with some backslash forget, 
but it's very small pb perhaps already solve (not test new version)


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