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Mark Duckworth mduckworth at
Thu Apr 10 10:48:52 CEST 2003

Hey guys,

A couple issues, one the aranym ethernet probs I had of a long time ago
seem to have been solved in my testing abscence.  I compiled cvs aranym
of earlier today and my hostfs became broken.  So I redid config and
recompiled hostfs using cross compiler.  Now accessing hostfs shared
folder gives me this error on the aranym console:

Detected scancode offset = 8 (key: 'return' with scancode $24)
Exception Nr. 2 CPC: 0002da2c NPC: 0002da3e SP=00df68f4 Addr: 030ffffc
Exception Nr. 2 CPC: 0003ff62 NPC: 0003ff74 SP=000441d6 Addr: 00e1f38a
Exception Nr. 2 CPC: 00047a12 NPC: 00047a28 SP=0004cf88 Addr: 00fffa42
OR m8, imm8 - unsupported mode: i[1-6]=7d 14 00 74 44 c6
Unknown instruction 00147d80!
pikachu root # aranym

, under single tos.  Under MiNT it just kind of doesn't work.  Was
curious as maybe I am doing something wrong?  I am using something like
*DOS, hostfs.dos, I:I in my config.sys and using metados rather than

Now aranymfs on the other hand used to have perfectly working /nativefs
for me (which I loved), but now it seems to be broken.  So I recompiled
aranymfs from source to get similar probs.  Before switching into
/nativefs would give you contents of the directory you were in before. 
After recompile nativefs appears on ls, but not ls -l
and if you try to switch to it, it says no such file or dir.


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