Aranym 0.8.0

Mark Duckworth mduckworth at
Fri Apr 11 19:30:40 CEST 2003

Hey guys,

I installed Aranym 0.8.0 beta 3.  Everything is working perfectly for me
(hostfs now works after disabling metados and using the xfs only, thanks
for that tip).  I'm using kernel 2.4.20 with tuntap and a fairly
standard iptables masquerading config to give the tap interface internet
access.  Everything works flawlessly for a little while but then ceases
to work.  

ifconfig reports in and out errors after things stop working on eth0
if I down and rebring up eth0 I can then ping but reports network unreachable.
so I route add default eth0 gw and then nothing responds to
pings but

I had this problem before, I was hoping it was solved but I guess not. 
It could possibly be though gentoo/gentoo kernel but I doubt it.   I
will try to test on other linux distributions/kernels and let you know.

PS: I use standard easymint for aranym disk with some slight
modifications, but I know everything is setup right.  I also use MiNT
1.16 beta kernel with inet4.xdd.

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