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Mon Apr 14 15:09:41 CEST 2003

I mention the HOSTFS because I do not want it as drive D:.  When I change this it no longer works.

I created the partition with Cecile.  I will try other HD utilities. I was unable to get it formatted and added. I'll keep trying.  

As for the 75 characters..use a mailer that word wraps. :)

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On Pá, 2003-04-11 at 20:50, Schafroth, Lannie wrote:

first of all, fix your mailer - let it wrap the message lines at 75

> I'm trying to use the DISKIMAGE to create a 32Mb drive as a second
> drive.  I am using this under windows.


> When I add the disk image to the CONFIG file, boot ARAnyM and install
> the icon for it, it says drive does not exist.  If I change the
> [ARANYMFS] D = /temp/an/temp statement to anything but D: ARAnyM
> errors during boot and appears to default to standard fonts and I lose
> all desktop settings.
> Any idea on how to add a second IDE hardrive to the system?

Adding a second IDE is a matter of editing the [IDE1] block of options.

I have no idea why you talk about [ARANYMFS] (now better [HOSTFS]) - it
has nothing to do with IDE drives.

Also, make sure you partition and format the drive first, otherwise
adding an icon might be a bad idea.


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