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I agree.  You can get a 810DLU motherboard from Matsonic (PCCHips) for $65.  It has a 1400Mhz Duron, sound, Ethernet, USB2, DDR and SDRAM, AGP Video.  That would help keep the cost down and have decent performance. 

The VIA suggestion would be better as I prefer the VIA chipsets over the SIS ones.


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On St, 2003-04-16 at 13:02, Hector Facundo Arena wrote:
> > I though you may be interested on my Atarian Computer project.... I'm 
> > thinking on using Aranym as the main OS of the system... Any 
> > suggestions?

Try to base it on VIA C3 motherboards with integrated sound, graphics
and CPU. Then it's almost like an original ST ;-)


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