MD_ERASE / S_OR_D in vrx_cpyfm

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Tue Apr 22 22:32:02 CEST 2003


(May be this mail is not sorted correctly into the thread, because I 
had to reconfigure sthg.)

> What do you get instead of the black box?

A white box, but i.E. MagicPC, STEmulator, Falcon are producing a 
black box.

> And no, I have not tested this with the original VDI, but can't
> recally seeing (or hearing about) any problem before. Of course,
> reverse transparent mode is not likely to be used much.

But useful for masking out Images (especial transparent GIF-Images) 

> If you are certain that setting to the background colour is the 
> correct behaviour in this case, the ARAnyM fVDI driver (and
> probably the rest of them) should be updated.

In my opinion, this may be changed, because it's not compatible with 
the above.

> You don't say what you get with S_OR_D, but if the vrt_cpyfm caused
> a white box, vro_cpyfm with S_OR_D should indeed have no effect.



> > int rgb[0];
>          ^
> bug ? maybe rgb[3] will partially solve the pb.

Sorry, small bug, but it doesn't solve the problem.
This was only in the generation of a pseudo bitmap-image.



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