MD_ERASE / S_OR_D in vrx_cpyfm

Johan Klockars johan at
Tue Apr 22 15:38:01 CEST 2003

> > What do you get instead of the black box?
> A white box, but i.E. MagicPC, STEmulator, Falcon are producing a 
> black box.

It looks like my primary VDI reference was wrong on this issue then.

> > And no, I have not tested this with the original VDI, but can't
> > recally seeing (or hearing about) any problem before. Of course,
> > reverse transparent mode is not likely to be used much.
> But useful for masking out Images (especial transparent GIF-Images) 

Well, since you have to go through the entire image anyway, it would
be just as easy to create a positive mask rather than a negative one
(or the other way around, depending on how you define those terms ;-),

Since this bug hasn't been detected before, I guess everyone else
is using transparent mode for this rather than reverse transparent.

> In my opinion, this may be changed, because it's not compatible with 
> the above.

Yes, the fVDI drivers should definitely behave in the same way as the
original VDI here.

Anyway, I've checked in a fix for this now.
Unfortunately, I'm not able to test it, but at least it builds OK and
I'm pretty sure I didn't get it wrong (it was only a matter of changing
a couple of 'fgColor' to 'bgColor').

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