Aranym and NTFS

Xavier joubert xavier.joubert at
Thu Apr 24 00:03:39 CEST 2003


Arnaud BERCEGEAY a écrit:
> So, the tip of the day is:
> if you have cygwin installed, put "cygwin compliant" path in your aranym 
> config file.

I tried with "C:\" today (I used "/" before) and had the same problem as 
Jens (WNT4 SP6, NTFS partition, Cygwin installed).

I then tried with "/cygdrive/c" and everything worked fine. I tried it 
on a PC without Cygwin installed and it worked too.

So I would suggest to use the "/cygdrive/x" (x being the drive letter) 
syntax until this issue is solved.



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