Partitioning a new disc image

Jens Heitmann draconis at
Fri Apr 25 14:30:33 CEST 2003


May be this information is helpful, because it was not clear in the 

I've created a new discimage with a small program. (30 MB - 60 Cyl, 16 Head, 63 
Sec.), because my C: drive in disk.img was running out of space. 

When trying to partition this new discimage with Cecile, this was only possible 
with TOS4.04, but not with EmuTOS!  (May be the same happens with HDDRIVER, 
CBHD etc....)

The first has to be a GEM partition with a maximum of 16 MB, the rest can be 
partitioned as BGM partition(s). 

Now I could copy everything from the disk.img to the first partition of the new 
image and have a boot partition of 16 MB and a second partition with 14 MB. 
Than I switched the new image from IDE1 to IDE0, and everything works fine.

Jens Heitmann
draconis at

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