[Aranym-user] ARAnyM 0.8.5beta

Petr Stehlik pstehlik at sophics.cz
Wed Jan 7 02:11:22 CET 2004

Hi all,

new release of ARAnyM has just been uploaded to the ARAnyM SourceForge
project pages. Source code tarball is there, and the RPM package as
well. I'll add other binary packages and update the website ASAP.

The NEWS follow:

2004/01/07 - version 0.8.5beta released

Number of important changes:

 o JIT CPU fixed! (although kernel 2.6 is not supported yet)
 o double bus errors (infamous error loops) handled now correctly
 o direct Mac OS X support for ARAnyM (compiles but doesn't run(?))
 o HostFS fixed
 o script for easy building of ARAnyM on Windows/cygwin 
 o SETUP GUI greatly improved - Disks Setup is complete, other will follow
 o SETUP GUI at startup of ARAnyM (-G command line switch)
 o floppy insert/eject support at runtime (in the SETUP GUI)
 o fVDI NatFeat driver with local color palette support (XaAES likes it)
   You will have to update your fVDI driver.
 o ARAnyM now defines new value for the _MCH cookie: 0x50000. Update
   your .aranym/config files with this new value.
 o Alt+Ctrl+Esc now helps releasing mouse&kbd input even in fullscreen

 New AFROS will be released together with ARAnyM to provide the updated
 fVDI driver.

 Generally most work went into the SDL GUI SETUP which is becoming
 the central place for on-the-fly reconfiguration. Press the "Pause"
 key to open up the SETUP GUI anytime. Currently only disk configuration
 is complete but new setup dialogs will follow shortly.


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