[Aranym-user] HOWTO updated

Petr Stehlik pstehlik at sophics.cz
Thu Jan 15 00:14:31 CET 2004

V St, 14. 01. 2004 v 23:15, Arnaud BERCEGEAY píše:
> Warning: now, Easymint is no more able to autodetect aranym as 
> computertype.

Really? That's unfortunate as this AFROS is the first one with FreeMINT
kernel supporting NatFeats directly and also first EmuTOS that features
the new _MCH value.

I hope EasyMiNT installer gets updated soon.

BTW, is the problem in STEP 7 (with the reboot not working properly)
still valid even in 0.8.5beta?

> I've also added a small HOW-TO upgrade, to explain how to upgrade a system 
> based on (for example) release 0.8.2 to release 0.8.5.

sounds good.

BTW, you could add a direct hyperlink to AFROS page :-)


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