[Aranym-user] Some question as a 68k Programmer

Petr Stehlik pstehlik at sophics.cz
Mon Jan 19 08:18:21 CET 2004

On Sun, 2004-01-18 at 23:33, Björn Henning wrote:
> - Is there any way to find out, that Aranym is running . e.g.
> Cookieentrys or an example assembler routine to get this informations

Check out the value of _MCH. The major number (the higher 16-bit word)
indicates the machine: 0=ST, 2=TT, 3=Falcon, 4=Milan, 5=ARAnyM.

> - Tools like Winimage cannot create Harddisk images, is there any
> other way to create one using Windows Enviroment?

Next version of ARAnyM will include creating disk images in the SETUP
menu (available after pressing the Pause key, later also configurable).

> -The Betados Driver that should give me as an user a Windows Folder as
> an emulated Drive

It's part of the AFROS - please read http://aranym.sf.net/afros.html

>   is not able to create one under TOS.... I think we as users would be
> very happy (VERY) if you could create a running preset
>   e.g. Zipped or something ... that would be able to work. 

You must have missed something.

> It is strictly impossible to get it running, and dont tell me that i
> should read the FAQs... i did so..

Is something wrong with the AFROS in this respect?

> In fact I search for your Help and don't wanna tell you what you have
> to do, but it would be very very nice and helpfull if you
> could give us some more informations

Please browse through the http://aranym.atari.org/ again and then let me
know what information you're missing.


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