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Meino Christian Cramer Meino.Cramer at gmx.de
Mon Jan 26 05:39:21 CET 2004

From: Henk Robbers <h.robbers at chello.nl>
Subject: [Aranym-user] afros
Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2004 01:31:58 +0100

Hi Henk,

 I dont know much about afros and liveCDs for aranym -- I am also a
 very "new" newbie to Aranym and this mailinglist is so silent

 BUT! ;)

 Generally it is possible to mount an ISO9660-image of a CD and use it
 like the CDR was mounted then.

 For this a loopback device must be available -- that means, either
 the according module must be loaded into the kernel or the loopback
 device must be compiled into the kernel directly.

 If your kernel has none of the above options you have to compile a
 new kernel for your system according to your needs.

 If everything is alright and setup as need, the following script will
 do the rest. Here it comes:


 mount $1 -r -o loop $2
 echo "--DONE---"


 Call the script (for example) "mntimage" and use it as follows:

 mntimage <your cdimage> <mountpoint>

 where <your cdimage> must be replaced by the name of the image you
 want to mount and <mountpoint> must be replaced by the mountpoint.

 The script only works, when executed as root!

 Good luck! :)

 Kind regards,


> Hi
> Here are some newbie questions.
> Are the liveCD image and 'afros' actually the same?
> I have not yet a CD writer, is it possible to use the image
> as downloaded to my HD?
> I am running Suse Linux + KDE on a laptop.
> (I want to have a 'ST-book' for free, so I can surprise my family,
>  most of them living out of town. ;-)
> -- 
> Groeten; Regards.
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