[Aranym-user] screenshots wanted

Hector Facundo Arena hearena at advancedsl.com.ar
Thu Jan 29 15:03:26 CET 2004

Yes... I just was going to tell you that.... the Aranym page needs more 
cool screenshots!! :)

BTW Don't you worry about those suckers that say that Aranym is just an 
emu and all that shite.... It's obvious that they never used Aranym and 
have no idea on how fast and good it is... I do believe that this is 
the future of the Atari platform... But I think that it needs some work 
on "hidding" the base OS. I mean... lets make an Aranym distro that 
turns a PC on a real Atari... the user must never know that under 
Aranym theres something called Linux... we are only using the kernel 
and some libs! It should be possible! That will give the "feel" of not 
using a EMU, but a real Atari OS.



On 29/01/2004, at 05:46, Petr Stehlik wrote:

> Guys (and possible girls :),
> there has been an interesting discussion in comp.sys.atari.st (subject
> aranym) and it seems that most confusion is caused by the poor
> screenshots I made and put on the aranym web pages.

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