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Thu Jan 29 17:32:11 CET 2004


LiveCD is just demo that should work on almost all i386 compatible
machines with common HW setup.

Amiga guys made possible to boot faster and hide it completely by
deeper integration of say ARAnyM into the underlying OS itself.
They were supporting quite few HW configurations that worked which
shortened the HW detection time at the beginning. I would say that we
could boot in 3-5seconds not beeing forced to detect the HW properly.

The solution of that all is to create a distribution that would be a bit
different. It would do the HW detection only during the first boot. The
next boot would be done already from the harddisk which would contain
configured installation and the CD would not be needed more (Just like
any other Linux or other OS distribution).

There are quite few problems to solve there. We would need to create
ARAnyM internal (maybe GEM) tools to controll the underlying OS from
within ARAnyM to be able to configure newly added HW to the box or
something to let ARAnyM use it.

My view on this is to make FreeMiNT be able to use the NIS (or Yellow
Pages if you like) and create tools that would manage host OS users,
groups and other things the way it would not be visible. You can also
share the filesystems than easily via NFS. This way it does many other
virtual machines like e.b. Hercules (the zSeries CPUs emulator), UML
(user-mode-linux) and others I believe. It is tipical unix LAN workstatni
integration scenario. Transparent networking (like if there was yet
another machine available on the LAN), DHCP usage for network setup, NTP
for time synchronization, NIS for user/groups/password and other services
sharing, NFS for filesystem sharing.

Does someone see some better solution? Milan, Petr, anybody?



On Thu, 29 Jan 2004, Hector Facundo Arena wrote:

> I got LiveCD! but all those white letters on black screen of the Linux
> initialization made me completly lost the feel that I'm using a "real
> Atari environment"... perhaps using a initialization screen with the
> Atari logo, or the Aranym logo....
> And obviously it needs some tweakes to make it boot faster ... it'd
> nice to boot the computer directly to Aranym... now first linux-then
> aranym... I know this is not possible... but we can hide the linux
> initialization using a init screen and some twaks to make it faster...
> BTW... I'd much better if we could install it on the hdd, instead of
> using livecd... but I think that's not too hard to do...
> just my 2 cents...
> On 29/01/2004, at 12:01, Petr Stehlik wrote:
> > On Thu, 2004-01-29 at 15:03, Hector Facundo Arena wrote:
> >> on "hidding" the base OS. I mean... lets make an Aranym distro that
> >> turns a PC on a real Atari... the user must never know that under
> >> Aranym theres something called Linux...
> >
> > have you missed or do you think it's
> > not good enough?
> >
> > Petr
> >
> >
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