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Fri Jan 30 02:20:34 CET 2004

On Friday 30 January 2004 00:08, Petr Stehlik wrote:
> V Čt, 29. 01. 2004 v 23:58, Mark Duckworth píše:
> > out.  No matter really, once the initial work is done it'll take 30
> > minutes per machine max for assembly and testing..   Or perhaps I'm
> > missing something ;-)
> No, you're not. As you might have heard already (last two sentences on
> aranym About web page? :) this was the final goal (the holy grail) of
> ARAnyM - being sold preinstalled on some hardware, looking like a
> FreeMiNT machine from power-on to desktop.
> This idea just needs somebody brave, somebody who believes there are
> still customers out there. IMHO it's actually easier than say building
> and selling say CT60 (or a graphics card adapter or similar special
> hardware) since when building that you might ran out of something
> essential (CPU or gfx card, for example) but when building ARAnyM it's
> not likely :)

Begin with laptops.
I can assure you that running atari GEM apps on a laptop is just
that little touch exra that might convince people.
Because there has never been a Atari laptop with real power.

Ok, there were the stacy and the st-book, but they were really only
st's in a small box.

Since a few days now I have aranym on a laptop.
The laptop is 2 years old now. Not the fasted. For a atari however
it is already satisfactory fast.

I have tremendous fun with it.
I can run GEM apps sitting in my easy chair in the comfort
of my living room.

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