[Aranym-user] Re: ARAnyM-user Digest, Vol 8, Issue 14

Gabriel Huertas gabrielhuertas at terra.es
Fri Jan 30 03:28:07 CET 2004

> Well... perhaps we could use some linux hardware configuration app 
> during the installation of aranym... and then if the user wants to 
> modify some hardware parameter he just press some icon (or execute some 
> ttp file) that quits aranym and loads that app on linux....
> Rod

And what about the inverse thing? Would it be possible to have a kind of
"Aralib" for running directly an atari program from Linux? . I'm
speaking about a kind of atarian version of somethinf like wine. It
would be usefull to launch atari software directly, and see how a window
appears with the program running in it. It would be usefull because it
give you the chance to distribute selfprogrammed Atari aplications for
installing it in Linux directly in a clean way for the final (linux)
user. It's just another way of letting us to developp more for the Atari
with our favourite compilers


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