[Aranym-user] ARAnyM: 3 years old application, 4 years old idea

Milan Jurik jurikm at bobek.sh.cvut.cz
Fri Jan 30 22:52:20 CET 2004


  yes, the moment is here:

Wed Jan 31 00:08:01 CET 2001

I sent this e-mail:

Subject: prepreprepreprepre-alpha ARAnyMu - mozna


   tak jsem urval chvilku casu a trochu okousal UAE. Predem zduraznuji, ze
 je to de facto vyplod pulnocniho casu. Je to okousano nekdy az moc
 (eventtab, events.h). Chybi jakekoli natahovani ROMky. Debugger je ciste

Thank you, CTirad
Thank you, STanda and Petr
Thank you, Johan and Didier and Patrice
Thank you, Gwenole
Thank you, Bernd Schmidt and Christian Bauer
Thank you, Marinos "Nino" Yannikos and Martin D. Griffiths
Thank you, Francois and Olivier and Rodolphe
Thank you, GOD - Tonda :-)
Thank you, Frank and Thomas and Heiko and Wim Carsten and Matti and Xavier
and Stefan and Carlo

Thank you, our supporters, our users

Thank you, all

Best regards,


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