[MiNT] [Aranym-user] KBD problem

Francois LE COAT lecoat at lutece.net
Tue Oct 5 23:25:27 CEST 2004

Hi Petr,

Petr Stehlik wrote:
> Francois LE COAT píše:
>>>I can't aggree here as I daily use the current CVS version (ozk too I 
>>Well, maybe a specific ARAnyM problem ...
> Are the underlying TOS versions that boot the FreeMiNT same?

Yes, they are the same versions ... I'm using EmuTOS in both cases.

There's something strange ...

In AFROS, as in xa-my-aes, there's a "BCONOUT.PRG" TSR, and the
problem with recent freeMiNT snapshots is with the CON device ...

In facts, when I'm testing, the keyboard is not responding, just
as if I declared the following thing (stated with MyAeS) :

GEMDOS_CON=u:/c/mint/con.out (in MINT.CNF)

The problem looks like as if the console device was redirected,
and that characters are lost (in /dev/null) ...

That feature (GEMDOS_CON) wasn't present in 1.16.0beta
version of freeMiNT ... That may explain a difference in the
behavior of the latest versions of MiNT ... Though it works
with MyAeS ...

Does it make sense ?

Best regards,

-- François LE COAT
Author of Eureka 2.12 (2D Graph Describer, 3D Modeller)

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