[Aranym-user] fVDI CVS ...

Johan Klockars rand at cd.chalmers.se
Fri Oct 22 22:16:34 CEST 2004

> Error H:\PURE_C\FVDI\ENGINE\TEXTRNDR.S 487: Expression must be constant
> Error H:\PURE_C\FVDI\ENGINE\TEXTRNDR.S 487: Undefined symbol 'gas'

I did just make it possible to assemble those files with gas, you know. ;-)

> Can you help me ?

Add a -D=gas=0 in fvdi_pc.prj. See the equivalent thing for lattice there.

> >"save_regs" macro is undefined ... It seems that it is
> >not declared anywhere ...

You should have had the same problem with any file that includes
macros.inc as you did with textrndr.s (which defines a macro itself).
That is, the 'gas' symbol has not been defined in the project (it's
brand new, and I haven't tried building with Lattice C or PureC since
I made things gcc compatible).

I suppose I should use some other method to figure out what assembler
is being used. I'm sure there must be some predefined things to check
for using some #ifdef equivalent.

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