[Aranym-user] fVDI CVS ...

Olivier Landemarre olivier.landemarre at utbm.fr
Mon Oct 25 18:24:22 CEST 2004

> Why still use purec? I mean, why really still use it? It has no 
> future, if not Henk comes up with his new ANSI-C compiler the next 
> time I think. It may be a comfortable IDE. But when would you say it 
> is really outdated? Why don't we use K&R C? Because, we want to follow 
> newer compiler technology and make use of it's advantages.
> -

I use gcc under Atari for 10 years and for the first time I should 
choose an other compiler for this work, and use PureC, because actually 
standard libc in mintlib have trouble with reentrance, and PureC looks 
for what I need near correct if not use the pctoslib. Now why not use 
PureC? Use the shell for PureC of Roland Sevin, it come one of the most 
powerfull env for C I know on Atari, with color syntax, error find and 
much more, PureC work on all systems even if sometime it have some 
problems, and if I think it is very bad for error checking.  Do we need 
now a cross compiler on Windows to compil our softwares?  Does last 
versions of gcc can work under an other system than Mint? Developpers 
are not only on Mint, and still I prefer MagicMac on OS8 than Aranym, 
because it never crash for what I do, but I work on Aranym for one day I 
use as my old MagicMac with powerfull in more.


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