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Francois LE COAT lecoat at atari.org
Fri Dec 1 07:22:15 CET 2006

Hi Martin,

Martin Elsässer wrote :
>> If you go there <http://olivier.landemarre.free.fr/gem/kronos/> you will
>> find a corrected Kronos1.71b version that fully support XaAES, and that
>> doesn't crash during the OpenGL test. Kronos was finally corrected after
>> a bug report from OZK on fr.comp.sys.atari, that Olivier Landemarre took
>> into account.
> Oh, very good! I didn't know about this corrected version. I'll download it!

This version of Kronos1.71b is much better.

>> You may not be informed that fVDI was just corrected, and that a
>> 0.9.4beta2 version of ARAnyM was released with marked sources.
> So I must download the source and compile the version?

It'll be done for you.

>> A binary release is in progress.
> That would be very nice!

Please be patient.

>> The version <http://eureka.atari.org/MacAranym.zip> that you downloaded
>> is a "Universal Binary" version. That means it natively supports both
>> x86 and PPC Macintosh.
> Yes, so it is! I need a Universal Binary on my Intel-Mac to use the full
> power of thw MacBook.

That's an UB version that you're using, thanks to Philipp Donzé.

>> What you're telling is wrong.
> No, its not wrong.
>> MagicMacX emulates a 68000 with a PPC code. If you run MagicMacX on an
>> Intel Mac, I'm almost convinced that the 68000 will be very slow.
> I run MagiCMacX on my Intel based MacBook and get the values I posted.
> MagiCMacX is nearly as fast as on my PowerBook G3 Lombard (G3, 400 MHz). On
> my MacBook the Intel Core Duo emulates the PPC and MagiCMacX emulates the
> 68000. And this is the thing I wrote in my posting.

MagicMacX uses "Rosetta", the PPC VM for OSX with Mac Intel CPU.

>> MacAranym emulates a 68060 with a native x86 code or native PPC code,
>> depending on which architecture you launch it.
> My result of Kronos shows better values of CPU on ARAnyM as on MagiCMacX,
> and the value for the FPU is dramatically better! But the VDI-Performance
> on my ARAnyM-Configuration destroys the advantages.

May I suggest you to use ARAnyM in fullscreen mode. That mean you will
have to edit Aranym_files/config, changing :

FullScreen = Yes
BootColorDepth = -1
VidelRefresh = 2
VidelMonitor = -1

The simple fact to use MacAranym in fullscreen mode dramatically
accelerate the VDI speed. You may also adapt :

Enabled = Yes
IntegerCoefs = Yes
FixedSize = Yes
Width = 800 <-
Height = 608 <-

to the full dimensions of your screen.

Then rerun Kronos1.71b, and you'll see the real speed of the VDI.

> But I think, running on MacOSX-Intel ARAnyM doesn't use any JIT, but
> running Windows or Linux a JIT is integrated. The usage of the JIT for
> MacOSX-Intel is on the ToDo-List, as you told me in September on this list:
>>>> But beware that there's no JITc, and that it is not a UB version. So
>>>> it will be awfully slow on an IntelMac, but it works ...
>>> When is there a UB version which uses a JIT on Intel-Macs?
>> I imagine that it depends on the port of the work of GwenolPhi Beauchesne
>> who works on "Basilisk II" on which ARAnyM relies for its JITc.
> So I think, on my MacBook (Intel based Mac) there is no JIT and so less
> power.

JITc is not the only factor that accelerates ARAnyM's speed. We
could also use a natfeat nfVDI, but that is not completely stable.

>> At the opposite, the 68060 (including FPU) will be very very fast,
>> because it is natively supported by MacOSX.
> When it uses a JIT.

There's no JIT that's true. It's slower that it might be. But
did you compared the speed of ARAnyM with existing ATARI hardware ?

>> I have a total confidence in the work of Philipp Donzé that is part of
>> this package, and hope it also work correctly on an Intel Mac.
> Yes, it works. But I don't use it, because the GUI is so slow. But if I can
> run a configuration with ARAnyM, MiNT and XaAES, it would be a very good
> thing! But until now I use MagICMacX with "double emulation" because of the
> little VDI performance of ARAnyM on my MacBook.

Please report us about the usage of MacAranym in fullscreen mode.

>> Your reports about this configuration on an Intel Mac will be warmly
>> welcome. We haven't got reports so far.
> I downloaded the version of ARAnyM from your site, but it is still the same.

We're all very interested with your comments. You're welcome.

Best regards,

-- François LE COAT
Author of Eureka 2.12 (2D Graph Describer, 3D Modeller)

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