[Aranym-user] [UTD] MacAranym -- ATARI / OSX

Francois LE COAT lecoat at atari.org
Fri Dec 1 17:07:22 CET 2006

Hi Philipp,

Philipp Donzé wrote :
>> Is the OpenGL rendering enabled in the default build of ARAnyM ?
> No it isn't. I've enabled it for the next release of MacAranym...
> But KRONOS doesn't work when OpenGL is enabled :-(

I had the same problem sometime, that I solved booting on TOS4.04
rather than EmuTOS with <http://eureka.atari.org/MacAranym.zip>.

If it can help.

Best regards,

-- François LE COAT
Author of Eureka 2.12 (2D Graph Describer, 3D Modeller)

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