[Aranym-user] ARAnyM 0.9.4beta2 released

Petr Stehlik pstehlik at sophics.cz
Sat Dec 2 11:28:42 CET 2006


new ARAnyM release fixes couple of bugs that were found since last
release and also brings few minor improvements here and there. The
official NEWS entry is as follows:
 This second beta release fixes several newly found CPU/FPU bugs that
 appeared when ARAnyM became actually used by Debian-m68k people.
 So the linux-m68k kernel as well as other MMU/FPU software should run
 much better now.

 Other news and fixes:

 o optional MIDI output to /dev/sequencer (in [MIDI] try Type=sequencer)

 o ARAnyM shouldn't hang on quit anymore

 o protect2k enabled by default (better HW compatibility with Atari)

 o cxx-exceptions enabled by default (considerably faster in MMU mode)

 o in Cygwin ARAnyM ignores $HOME and follows Windows practice with
   $HOME under Document and Settings/

 o new config file option "GMTime" (set to No by default). When enabled,
   ARAnyM uses Greenwich Mean Time (useful when running an OS that knows
   timezones like something Linux based or maybe even properly configured

 o linux-m68k properly boots now (with HW initialized)

 o IKBD settings (mouse wheel, AltGr) stored in [IKBD] section of ARAnyM
   config file

 o sound: preliminary locking (XBIOS LockSnd/UnlockSnd) implemented

 o nfVDI: fixed vswr_mode alpha expansions (tested on newsgroup reader Troll)

 o new option in [ETHx]: MAC = aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff for configuring the MAC
   Address of the network interface. You can run several ARAnyMs in a LAN
   now :-)

 For the additions in the ARAnyM config file see the provided commented
 configuration file.

http://aranym.org/download.html offers binaries for Windows and Mac OS X
(universal binary). Debian binary is in sid already. I'll add SUSE,
Ubuntu and maybe other binary packages (if anybody sends me such) soon.

New AFROS is being prepared and will be available when it's ready. In
the meantime you can use the AFROS from 0.9.4beta, I think.


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