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Martin Elsässer Martin_Elsaesser at ll.maus.de
Fri Dec 1 23:58:00 CET 2006

Hallo Francois LE,

>This version of Kronos1.71b is much better.

Now I downloaded this version and used it.

>It'll be done for you.
>Please be patient.

O.K., it was only a question ;-)))

>That's an UB version that you're using, thanks to Philipp Donze.

Yes, it's a UB version. Otherwise I have no advantage in speed over

>May I suggest you to use ARAnyM in fullscreen mode.

I made the changes you suggested.

>Then rerun Kronos1.71b, and you'll see the real speed of the VDI.

Yeah! Now things are looking very nice. Here are the values of Kronos 1.71b:

                MagiCMacX 1.2      ARAnyM/AFROS       ARAnym/AFROS
                Fullscreen            Window           FullsScreen
CPU                    16.8 %            26.8 %             27.1 %
FPU                    18.0 %          1357.3 %           1363.8 %
Memory, Video         165.4 %           155.6 %            171.7 %
VDI                    99.9 %             3.8 %            123.7 %
Disk                 1822.6 %          1610.1 %           1753.1 %
OpenGL                 21.4 %           360.6 %            363.3 %

Now I write this Mail with CAT running on ARAnyM.

It's a realy very good system! But some things I'm missing from MagiCMacX -
nothing dramatically, but the things I'm using on MagiCMac(X) since several
- In MagiCMac(X) I can click on the menu bar in the MagiC-Menu - there I
can submit a
  full redraw of the whole screen.
- The missing delete key on the Mac keyboard is emulated with Apple-D.
- The End-key (Fn + Cursor-Right) is working on MagiCMac, but not on
- The fonts - special the truetype fonts are not present. Can I use them
- I can swith from MagiCMacX back to MacOS X with the Key Apple-W, so I see
  MacOS-X-Menu of MagiCMacX. With Apple-R I switch back to MagiCMac.
- With Apple-Tab I swith to a parallel running program on MacOS X. In
ARAnyM I get a Tab
  i.e. here in CAT.
- The colors are a little bit strange. I use jinnee from the
MagiCMacX-Setup. I think,
  on MagiCMacX with NVDI 5 I used the new NVDI-palette. Now on ARAnyM I
have another
  palette and the Icons are funcy.
- On MagiCMacX I can use the keys F11 and F12. On MacARAnyM the seem to
have another
  function, so I can't use them any more.

And now I have to setup the ARAnyM-System with all things I use with


     Martin    [PGP-Key available]
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