[Aranym-user] Re: MacAranym -- ATARI / OSX

Francois LE COAT lecoat at atari.org
Tue Dec 5 07:31:16 CET 2006


Coda wrote :
> Francois LE COAT wrote :
>> The <http://eureka.atari.org/MacAranym.zip> configuration was updated.
>> ARAnyM means "ATARI Running on Any Machine" <http://aranym.org/> is
>> the Virtual Machine that also runs hosted by MacOSX.
>> ARAnyM is GNU/GPL. The package built by myself is ready to launch.
>> The version is "Universal Binary". The performances are the same on
>> PPC and Intel machines.
> Woohoo! I was wondering if going to an intel iMac was going to break my
> development system... :-)

Do you mean that the switch from PPC to Intel is done without any
damage for you ? That ARAnyM is convenient to be launched on an
actual iMac ? That furthermore you use your Macintosh under ARAnyM
as a development platform, and that it is totally suitable for that
usage ? I'm wondering because I have a dual-G4 at 1.25GHz, that the
"Universal Binary" version was built by Philipp Donzé, and I can't
fully test it myself.

Best regards,

-- François LE COAT
Author of Eureka 2.12 (2D Graph Describer, 3D Modeller)

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