[Aranym-user] MacAranym -- fVDI performance

Philipp Donzé philippdonze at gmx.ch
Fri Dec 15 09:20:38 CET 2006

>> Do you perchance run this on a 60 Hz (LCD, I suppose) screen?
> That may be possible. I use a MacBook. Unfortunately MacOS X  
> doesn't tell
> me the freq.

Using the following command you can extract pixel clock and pixel count.
	ioreg -l | grep -E "IOFBCurrentPixelClock|IOFBCurrentPixelCount"

Calculating pixelclock/pixelcount gives you the screen refresh rate.
For my cinema display this results in 59.94 Hz.

But the Kronos results for VDI performance on my G5 are:
VDI_CIRCLE=273.349; (op/sec)
VDI_ARC=1357.466; (op/sec)
VDI_BAR=103.349; (op/sec)
VDI_ELLARC=1298.701; (op/sec)
VDI_ELLIPSE=273.349; (op/sec)
VDI_ELLPIE=176.904; (op/sec)
VDI_PIESLICE=182.278; (op/sec)
VDI_RBOX=1307.359; (op/sec)
VDI_PLINE=1322.709; (op/sec)
VDI_FILLAREA=217.794; (op/sec)
VDI_GTEXT=315.271; (op/sec)
VDI_JUSTIFIED=323.816; (op/sec)
VDI_BLITTING=241.865; (op/sec)

And don't seem to be directly related with the refresh rate of my  


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