[Aranym-user] Re: more problems with atari hdd

MiKRO miro.kropacek at gmail.com
Sun Dec 31 11:48:35 CET 2006

> ARAnyM with TOS 4.04 does not detect all partitions?
exactly -- missing is the fat32 and ext2 one.

> isn't there a 32 GB limit somewhere in IDE?
for sure not on real atari :) The number 32 is somewhere in ext2 partition 
(begins on 30 GB position) so it could be the problem. but as i say, for sure 
not for real atari.

> wiki has some pointers but it should probably contain a specific Win32
> section that would explain all the differences in paths and devices
> compared to Linux.
thanks, i found it :)

MiKRO / Mystic Bytes

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