[Aranym-user] an ARAnyM logo?

Jeff Mitchell skeezix at skeleton.org
Wed Feb 8 16:52:42 CET 2006

On Wed, 8 Feb 2006, Petr Stehlik wrote:

# > We don't need to argue anymore. You rejected my proposal ... I've
# > nothing better to say :(
# Do you at least understand why I cannot accept your proposal? Won't you
# try to come up with some other logo?

	It could be similar or reminiscent; ie: to 'parody' for purposes 
of association would likely be okay, as long as it woudl not 'confuse an 
interested customer' it would be fine. ie: For Atari ST emus and such, I 
commonly use ST-like fonts and colour schemes and variations on themes, 
but I wouldn't use a Fuji as a main logo.. but using a Fuji to indicate 
Atari is okay. ie: A fuji on your screen is one thing, a Fuji as a logo.. 
not so wise. Obviously thousands of websites use it with no problem as 
Atari Inc isn't going to go after them all, but its "kinder" to honour the 
legals anyway..

	Of course, Mount Fuji is available for use, as are various Asian 
characters that look like the Atari Fuji and Mount Fuji, for instance as 
sources to draw from.


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