[Aranym-user] an ARAnyM logo?

Xavier Joubert xavier.joubert at free.fr
Wed Feb 8 16:52:43 CET 2006


Selon Francois LE COAT <lecoat at lutece.net>:
> Yes :) This one looks definitely good, doesn't it ?
> It is better in PNG format, and with transparency :)

I think it shows no one can do a proper logo in less than one hour.

I could try to produce something, too.

But before one creates a logo, it should first think about what this logo should

Some ideas about what's ARAnyM :
1- An Atari (but we don't want to show any link with a trademark, so this one is
not to be used).
2- An emulator (but it don't emulate any existing machine, so this is not to be
used either).
3- a new computer.
4- a computer inside another computer.
5- a plateform to run FreeMiNT.
6- a plateform to run a old system from the 80's.
7- a fast computer (from an atarist point of view ;p).
8- something to run old programs.
9- something to use old datas.
10- something to write new programs.
11- the result of the work of a team of hackers.
12- The result of the work of a wolrdwide team.
13- a nostagic program.
14- a program for the future.
15- something that creates a future.
16- a time machine.
17- an useless piece of code.
18- a program we have fun to use.
19- a program we have fun to hack.
20- a tool.
21- a toy.
22- an experiment field.
23- an alternative to other systems.
24- a bird of prey (like Falcon, Eagle and Milan...).
25- a program with a stange name. :)

Feel free to add new ideas, and remove ideas that should not be used (1 and 2
are obvious for me).

Well, now we need to set a deadline. And then we will need to choose between
several logos (through vote ?).



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