[Aranym-user] Speed up natfeat possible?

Petr Stehlik pstehlik at sophics.cz
Fri Feb 17 22:49:01 CET 2006

olivier.landemarre at utbm.fr píše v Pá 17. 02. 2006 v 22:26 +0100:

> When I compare MagicMac (on OS classic) with an old Powermac (300Mhz) with a
> recent PC (Athlon xp 2000+) and I use GCC to compil on hostfs, really on
> MagicMac is really faster than with Aranym (perhaps 2 or 3 times!), this is
> quite surprizing, because of course Aranym is faster for most softwares than on
> MagicMac, in my case. I'm sure this is slow, because GCC call a lot access to
> disk, like to read or write char by char or something like this, so is it a
> problem of HostFS or the natfeat that is so slow?

Sure you can profile the whole ARAnyM and speed up the critical parts
but before you do that simply set up a FreeMiNT ramdisk and compile your
GCC stuff there. With Atari RAM set to say 1 GB  you can have some 900
MB large ramdisk. Plenty of space for a few object files...


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