[Aranym-user] Speed up natfeat possible?

olivier.landemarre at utbm.fr Olivier.Landemarre at utbm.fr
Sat Feb 18 00:08:59 CET 2006

Selon Petr Stehlik <pstehlik at sophics.cz>:

> olivier.landemarre at utbm.fr pí¹e v Pá 17. 02. 2006 v 22:26 +0100:
> > When I compare MagicMac (on OS classic) with an old Powermac (300Mhz) with
> a
> > recent PC (Athlon xp 2000+) and I use GCC to compil on hostfs, really on
> > MagicMac is really faster than with Aranym (perhaps 2 or 3 times!), this
> is
> > quite surprizing, because of course Aranym is faster for most softwares
> than on
> > MagicMac, in my case. I'm sure this is slow, because GCC call a lot access
> to
> > disk, like to read or write char by char or something like this, so is it
> a
> > problem of HostFS or the natfeat that is so slow?
> Sure you can profile the whole ARAnyM and speed up the critical parts
> but before you do that simply set up a FreeMiNT ramdisk and compile your
> GCC stuff there. With Atari RAM set to say 1 GB  you can have some 900
> MB large ramdisk. Plenty of space for a few object files...

I have just do test, and it's quite surprizing me, I can't find any
significative diffrents, compiling on ramdisk or on HostFS, so conclusion I have
write for nothing, and take time to other, sorry, and I can't find why with gcc,
Aranym looks so slow (but I have to do test on Magicmac to be sure now!). if I
find something, I will relate it.


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