[Aranym-user] Speed up natfeat possible?

olivier.landemarre at utbm.fr Olivier.Landemarre at utbm.fr
Sat Feb 18 14:50:41 CET 2006

> Whereas in the way we have chosen for the FreeMiNT HostFS approach was
> to implement the .xfs interface according to the design not having to
> hack any GEMDOS layer or something. This however means that the FreeMiNT
> kernel VFS layer decomposes the path to individual segments where for
> each of which it constructs so called FCOOKIE structure (see the kernel
> sources for more info). Then to access the file on the native side
> hostfs.cpp code constructs the host filesystem path from the
> segments back to a string which is then used for the POSIX compliant
> file IO functions.

I have look for this, and as I can see on debug info, translation is fast and
it's look not here it take so many time. I agree I think now the slow reason is
in Mint and not in Aranym, it looks have delay there is not with Magic, perhaps
it could come with redirection or with pwait (I not think I probably see it with
MyAeS). This is very strange. I have test on ext2 partition this is slow too, I
have add more JIT cache size no diffrence.


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