slow gcc (was: RE: [Aranym-user] Speed up natfeat possible?)

Petr Stehlik pstehlik at
Sat Feb 18 21:01:27 CET 2006

olivier.landemarre at píše v So 18. 02. 2006 v 19:34 +0100:
> > Good, now you can move this problem to MiNT list if someone will
> > explain what is wrong. MiNT is generally slower than MagiC no matter
> > what. You would probably need some numbers to compare. It would be
> > great to get MagiC setup running in ARAnyM for this (it doesn't boot
> > for me)...
> >
> > Oh.. you are running JIT! If you are not under EmuTOS then test with
> > that one. Because only there you avoid hitting crazy performance
> > penalty accessing IDE (this looked to me actually slower than running
> > completely without JIT).
> How can access to hostfs?

Does hostfs.xfs behave differently when FreeMiNT is loaded by EmuTOS
compared to FreeMiNT loaded by TOS? I doubt it so your question doesn't
make sense to me.


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