slow gcc (was: RE: [Aranym-user] Speed up natfeat possible?)

olivier.landemarre at Olivier.Landemarre at
Sat Feb 18 23:35:07 CET 2006

Selon Standa Opichal <opichals at>:

> Hi!
> Good, now you can move this problem to MiNT list if someone will
> explain what is wrong. MiNT is generally slower than MagiC no matter
> what. You would probably need some numbers to compare. It would be
> great to get MagiC setup running in ARAnyM for this (it doesn't boot
> for me)...

I have take time to find problems, I have find a possible bug in one of my
software, doing a Fread(readonly) on a file that redirect stdout, if I add
optionnal "Deny none" I win 10%. This is still slow, so I look again in my
source code (gccshell), and I look how I manage wait for gcc stop and in same
time reading file. And I find I have 2 test, one using
evnt_multi(MU_MESSAG|MU_TIMER) with a timer of 1500ms, I wait for CH_EXIT
message and I verify with Pwaitpid() all 1500ms if is still here or not because
some AES not send CH_EXIT all the time, and I realise that MyAeS not send
CH_EXIT message for non AES applications, where Magic do it, so I should wait
all the time 1500ms before stop waiting, when there is a lot of file time
consuming is important! I have for the moment reduce from 1500 to 500ms and for
my test I win 33%!So first of all I have to send this problem in the MyAeS list!
I will try to find a solution for this!



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