[Aranym-user] X Server and fVDI

Standa Opichal opichals at seznam.cz
Mon Feb 20 18:08:59 CET 2006

Hi Johan!

I have just committed the v_getbitmap_info() and vqt_xfntinfo() FT2
equivalents. Now the Papyrus font selector almost works.

Could you please do the pt<->pixel math for me as I have somehow
failed to find out the right formula. I feel like if I was really
loosing my high school education knowledge there ;((.


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> >x.app and highwire.app are the two I know of. Both 
> open-source with CVS
> >which should be an advantage :) 
> >  
> >
> Highwire doesn't really seem to use the vqt_xfntinfo() data 
> much, and it 
> worked even with the old partial implementation. Testing with it did 
> turn up a bug, however (I had written < where I meant >, causing 
> Highwire to not find any vector fonts at all).
>  From the documentation, X seems to require some things that I don't 
> have set up at the moment.
> Regarding X, I noticed that it calls vqt_fontheader() as well, even 
> though it doesn't do anything terribly important with the 
> results. To be 
> on the safe side, however, I've now implemented that function 
> too (with 
> the same kind of fake values for various things as vqt_xfntinfo).
> Now Papyrus finally displays font names and styles in its selector 
> dialog (there used to be empty fields). However, since all 
> fonts are now 
> claimed to be Century 725 Italic BT, Payrus seems to only 
> allow one of 
> the fonts to be used...
> It would be nice with real font name/family/style information 
> from these 
> functions, I suppose. ;-)
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