[Aranym-user] ARAnyM News

Martin Tarenskeen m.tarenskeen at zonnet.nl
Wed Feb 22 01:36:59 CET 2006

On Mon, 20 Feb 2006, Petr Stehlik wrote:

> Third, there is a new release of ARAnyM - 0.9.3beta. This is one of the
> less user-friendly releases since documentation is not included (I need
> to come up with a way of exporting the wiki to the source archive),
> Atari binary drivers are not included (we are working on a new way of
> simplified driver distribution now - until it is ready visit
> http://aranym.org/bin) and number of bugs and TODO items is still open -
> but I wanted to have some kind of a checkpoint since 10 months of random
> CVS binaries were more than enough.

I'm trying out Aranym 0.9.3beta and new fvdi.

I have a quite up-to-date (mostly CVS versions) 
emutos-freemint-xaaes-teradesk kind of setup.

Worked fine until now with aranym-0.9.0 and older fvdi.

My first attempts to boot freemint/xaaes/teradesk give me a black & white 
desktop with only a 6x6 system font. I did have a nicely colored desktop 
and several bitmap fonts before updating aranym and fvdi. Not to mention 
the new vector font support. I haven't seen that working on my system yet.

My guess is that the fvdi.sys configuration file has changed more than I 
can manage without help. I'll wait for a new AFROS to see how it should be 
done. There might be other things also that I have overlooked. But because 
much important stuff (autofolder, fvdi, mint, xaaes, betados, drivers, 
configuration files) is hidden in a boot image, configuring, copying 
files, , rebooting with/without mint, retrying, is a very frustrating and 
time consuming experience. Especially if a filesystem check is doen if 
mint is not shutdown cleanly.


Martin Tarenskeen

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