fVDI TTF rendering (was: RE: [Aranym-user] X Server and fVDI)

Standa Opichal opichals at seznam.cz
Thu Feb 23 01:13:22 CET 2006

Hi Johan!

I find it very unlikely that there is a 'fault' in my system.
I just made sure I updated all sources and compiled the binaries
again. I have tested the TOS4.04/fVDI and
setups and both work with no obvious problem with or without

Yes, I have notices that you have fixed something in the filecache
code which it works for me now well with.

So, you would need to debug what I screwed, sorry ;(

BTW: There are a bunch of strcpy() used in the new functions
that copy strings to a limited space (strncpy() should be used there


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> >>It's strange that it would behave differently for you and 
> me (anyone 
> >>else?), but I suppose the number of fonts in the system could 
> >>    
> >>
> ...
> >I have seen some problems with the 'filecache' here. I can
> >be the source of your problems.
> >  
> >
> Are you sure you have an up to date version from the CVS?
> There was a bug in the first released version fVDI version with 
> filecache, which caused it to fail catastrophically if 
> anything had to 
> be discarded from the cache (which can happen even with fewer than 15 
> files if they don't all fit in the cache at once).
> Since then I've been running a special version here, which 
> verifies the 
> contents of a cached file (32 bits near the beginning and end of the 
> file) whenever it is accessed. If anything ever looks 
> suspicious, there 
> will be debug printouts, but I've had none since I fixed the bug I 
> mentioned.
> I'll check in the sources with this debug check so that you 
> can use it too.
> Anyway, I just realized that the problem isn't obviously 
> related to the 
> anti-aliasing in fVDI itself. It turns out that I can't run 
> PapyrusX at 
> all with the CVS version of ARAnyM, with or without aliasing 
> turned on. 
> My previous ARAnyM build (obviously without the anti-aliasing 
> support) 
> runs PapyrusX fine under exactly the same circumstances and with the 
> same configuration...
> >I haven't seen any SW to do its own internal cache management. It is
> >one of the premature optimization decisions IMHO.
> >  
> >
> It sure is, but at least the Papyrus programmers were smart enough to 
> make it possible to turn it off.
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