[Aranym-user] hostfs.xfs error message ?

Standa Opichal opichals at seznam.cz
Thu Feb 23 22:29:02 CET 2006

Hi Martin!

It probably means that the drives are already mapped. The hostfs
doesn't remap those (unless you have the driver linked in the kernel).

It appears to me that this should be the preferred behavior that
the Dcntl(FS_MOUNT) fails if there is already something mounted
under the particular mount path.

Best Regards


> -----Original Message-----
> Hi,
> When MiNT is booting on my Aranym system after
> "HostFS Filesystem driver 0.041" has announced itself, I'm seeing 
> something like this:
> Mounts: u:\f
> error: Dcnt(FS_MOUNT,...) failed.u:\h
> error: Dcnt(FS_MOUNT,...) failed.
> These messages are new since I installed Aranym-0.9.3beta. 
> What do they 
> mean, and how can I get rid of them ?
> -- 
> Martin Tarenskeen

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