[Aranym-user] Networking and bootstrapping

Francois LE COAT lecoat at lutece.net
Sun Feb 26 22:51:28 CET 2006

Hi Jean-François,

Jean-François Lemaire wrote:
> Francois LE COAT wrote:
>> sudo chmod a+rw /dev/net/tun
>> sudo chown $USER /dev/net/tun
>> sudo tunctl -t tap0 -u $USER
>> sudo /sbin/ifconfig tap0 netmask up
> add this: 
> sudo chmod +s /usr/local/bin/aratapif (with the correct path)

You keep telling me about this static configuration.

I have guessed that "ptp" is related to static configuration
and that "bridge" is related to dynamic configuration.

Understand that I don't understand anything to that stuff.

It's not the point to tell me about network technicals.

When I configured my DSL modem, and firewall router, with my
DHCP LAN (a Linux Box, and an OSX Box), I had nothing to know
about IP address, network masks, and all these stuff ...

I want to have a DHCP configuration for my ARAnyM Box.

That's as simpler as this :)

I'm not an expert at information technology, but a physicist.

You must tell me steps by steps.


-- François LE COAT
Author of Eureka 2.12 (2D Graph describer, 3D Modeller)

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