[Aranym-user] Networking and bootstrapping

Jean-François Lemaire jflemaire at skynet.be
Sun Feb 26 23:42:49 CET 2006

On Sunday 26 February 2006 22:51, Francois LE COAT wrote:

> You keep telling me about this static configuration.

I keep telling you because you keep acting like you want ptp.
If you want bridging, run the arabridge script of follow the step by 
step guide in the official documentation.

> I want to have a DHCP configuration for my ARAnyM Box.

Then I guess you'll need a dhcp client under FreeMiNT.

> That's as simpler as this :)

Yeah, real simple :-)

> You must tell me steps by steps.

The step by step guide is in the official documentation, namely: section 
"9.1.3. Bridged".

May I suggest that you read this first?

Jean-François Lemaire

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