[Aranym-user] Icon/logo?

Jean-François Lemaire jflemaire at skynet.be
Sun Nov 25 19:30:08 CET 2007

On Sunday 25 November 2007, Petr Stehlik wrote:


> > if the logo is supposed to be displayed before the hosted system
> > starts up, which I guess it is, I don't see the point, since the
> > boot up delay is too short to display anything useful -- at least
> > on my system, which is by no means state of the art. Am I missing
> > something obvious?
> on my system (which IS state of the art ;-) it shows the logo for
> solid 1-2 seconds. It might be because it tries to open a
> non-existing disk image, though :-)

It might be, because on my system the ARAnyM screen does not display for 
more than half a second.

> I have just talked with Patrice about this, he'll add some delay and
> perhaps some cool effects

Am I reading this right? Adding delay to display a logo? Isn't that 
going too far just for some eye candy?

> (my suggestion is for fading out the logo 
> while TOS is already booting :-)

This is probably a better idea, even though the EmuTOS boot screen 
displays some useful information that I'd rather see than some fancy 
logo. Now, having both -- useful info fancily displayd -- that's 
different. If that's the way you want to go, then I understand.

> > Apart from that, the new config GUI is much much much better than
> > the previous one.
> You mean the font size change?

That's the one. The vertical spacing betwen labels could be a bit 
smaller, but at least it is readable and usable now.

Jean-François Lemaire

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