[Aranym-user] Network setup under Windows

Miro Kropacek miro.kropacek at gmail.com
Tue Aug 10 11:11:16 CEST 2010


I finally decided to try networking with Aranym under Windows (XP), I
followed "bridge" path in wiki, i.e. I installed Win32-TAP driver from
colinux. Driver is installed, bridge is made but I can't get it
working. ifconfig inside mint says all IPs are fine but any network
activity doesn't work (ping, web, ...)

This is start of the log:

c:\Documents and Settings\mikro\My Documents\private\aranym-0.9.10\afros>..\aran
ym-jit.exe -c config
ARAnyM 0.9.10
Using config file: 'config'
WinTap: found TAP device named "tap0" ~ "tap0"
WinTap: tap device open \\.\Global\{51BB39FE-8D58-4005-9CB2-4DA833F80897}.tap [h
WinTap(1): tunnel name undefined
WinTap(2): tunnel name undefined
WinTap(3): tunnel name undefined
Could not open joystick 0
<JIT compiler> : compile FPU instructions : no
<JIT compiler> : requested translation cache size : 8192 KB

This is message I see after first ping:

WinTap: Read packet from (null)
pid   1 (xaloader): run_km(\c\mint\1-17-cur\xaaes\xaaes.km) ok (bp 0x4E9E0E0)!
WinTap: Writing packet of 60 bytes to (null)
WinTap: Writing packet done

Tunnel is 'tap0' (when I specify something else, it searches all
network interfaces), i.e. the name I gave it while renaming Local Area
Network 3 (TAP driver). Here is [eth0] snip:

Type = bridge
Tunnel = tap0
HostIP = <-- Windows XP IP (this LAN interface is
bridged with TAP one)
AtariIP = <-- Atari IP I wish to have on network
Netmask =
MAC = 00:41:45:54:48:30

Any ideas? Aranym is 0.9.10, release build.

MiKRO / Mystic Bytes

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