[Aranym-user] Network setup under Windows

Vincent Rivière vincent.riviere at freesbee.fr
Wed Aug 11 15:09:53 CEST 2010

Miro Kropacek wrote:
> I finally decided to try networking with Aranym under Windows (XP), I
> followed "bridge" path in wiki, i.e. I installed Win32-TAP driver from
> colinux. Driver is installed, bridge is made but I can't get it
> working.

I can't answer precisely, because I don't use the "Brige" method.
I use the "Internet Connection Sharing" method successfully, so some 
information may be useful.
Also, I have currently no access to my main computer with ARAnyM and 
network, I can't verify everything I write here.

So, here is what I did on Windows XP, using the "Internet Connection 
Sharing" ptp method. Basically, there is a private network between 
ARAnyM and Windows, and Windows acts as a router/NAT.

1) Install the Win32-TAP driver from coLinux.

2) In Windows network connections, rename the new TAP connection to 
"tap0" for ease of use.

3) Open the properties of tap0. Uncheck anything except TCP/IP and click OK.

4) Open again the properties of tap0. At the top, you see "Connect 
using" and the virtual TAP network adapter. Click "Configure" next to 
it. You will arrive to the properties of the virtual network adapter. Go 
the the "Advanced" tab. You need to change the "Media Status" value. By 
default, it is application controlled. coLinux is able to virtually 
connect the network cable when it is started, but ARAnyM is not. You 
need to change the "Media Status" value to "Always connected". This is 
very important, I have never been to have a working network in ARAnyM 
without doing that.

5) Go again to the Network connections window. Open the properties of 
the connection providing your current Internet access, and from the 
Advanced tab, share it with tap0. Windows will create a new internal 
network available from tap0. The internal network will always have the 
subnet 192.168.0.x and the Windows host, also acting as DHCP and DNS 
server, will always have the IP address This means it can't 
work if your external Internet connection use an IP address like 
192.168.0.x. This is a limitation of the simple Internet Connection 
Sharing feature of Windows.

6) In the ARAnyM confoiguration file, I use the following:
Type = ptp
Tunnel = tap0
MAC = 00:41:45:54:48:30
An that's all. I don't use HostIP, AtariIP and Netmask.

7) Inside EasyMiNT, in a TosWin console, I start manually the network 
with a script named startnet:

cat >/etc/resolv.conf <<EOF
nameserver <IP address of the DNS server of your ISP, like>

route add <subnet of the Internet connection of your main machine, like> eth0

Ignore the error message like "no route to host".
This is mainly a quick hack, it could probably be simplified or 
automated, but it worked for me, and I have never taken the time to make 
the things cleaner.

8) If you need to know it, you can see the IP address allocated to the 
ARAnyM by running ifconfig from TosWin.

8) You can use any TCP/IP program from and to your ARAnyM box.

Basically, this solution is useful when a single external IP address is 
used by your main computer (like with a modem) and you have no 
router/NAT. If you have an external router/NAT, able to allocate several 
local IP addresses on your private network, the Bridged solution is 
probably better, as the ARAnyM host will appear on the same network as 
your main computer and router.

The information I have provided here is very approximative and unclean, 
but it could bring some help.

Vincent Rivière

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