[Aranym-user] Weird keyboard behavior

Philippe noble philippe.noble at gmail.com
Sat Mar 15 18:35:48 CET 2014


My setup is : Ubuntu 10.13 + Aranym 0.9.15 + Emutos 0.9.3 + EasyMint 1.18

When I use this setup with my spanish keyboard, given that I have the proper Keyboard.TBL and the NVRAM setup to spanish, everything is working fine.
When I use this setup with a french keyboard (properly setup and working under Ubuntu) with the NVRAM set to French and the correct keyboard.tbl (French_P), all the keyboard is shifted 1 row up, that is to say : Key 1 = A, Key 2 = Z, Key Z = S, Key S = X and Key X = nothing ... Seems like scancodes are shifted up.
And the strangest thing is that if I press 'esc' during Emutos boot screen, the French keyboard is later working fine under Mint !!! 
This has been tested on 2 different machines, 2 different Linux and with different keyboards (USB, wireless and PS2) : same strange result.

This problem does not appears with the same install running on Aranym windows (I don't know for OSX as I don't have french keyboard to test) 

Any clue on how to solve this issue as I am building an universal install (kind of super AFROS) and it should run the same on any system whatever the keyboard is ?



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