[Aranym-user] Cut a new release?

Thorsten Glaser tg at mirbsd.de
Fri Mar 21 20:07:08 CET 2014

Hi *,

Andreas Schwab told me that FPU issues are fixed in current ARAnyM.
The last release is already a year old.

Can a new release please be cut from the current code – unless there
are known bugs, which should of course be omitted ;-) – and Antonin
be prodded to update the Debian package in sid with it?

//mirabilos (who got Xfbdev running in Debian/m68k today)
„Cool, /usr/share/doc/mksh/examples/uhr.gz ist ja ein Grund,
mksh auf jedem System zu installieren.“
	-- XTaran auf der OpenRheinRuhr, ganz begeistert
(EN: “[…]uhr.gz is a reason to install mksh on every system.”)

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