[Aranym-user] GNU/GCC 3.3.6 SDK for miniPack

Eero Tamminen oak at helsinkinet.fi
Mon Mar 24 23:36:46 CET 2014


On tiistai 25 maaliskuu 2014, Francois LE COAT wrote:
> I suspect we already had that kind of talk on Atari-coldfire list ?

Ah, right, so we did. :-)

> Then I could perfectly build Eureka 2.12 with GNU/GCC 4.x, but
> it was behaving totally wrong, and I couldn't tell you why ...
> That's why I'm speaking of an incompatibility at sources level.

Why not at binary level?  Have you verified that correct
libraries are linked to the GCC 4.x compiled objects?

Here's a 2010 quote from MiNT mailing list:
> I got an lib, compiled for 68000 ( ... ) now I link it into an app that is
> compiled with -m68020, would it be ok?

No, it is not 100% OK, so it is wrong.
There is a difference in functions returning float/double/long double. On 
68000, the return value is put in d0/d1, on 68020-60 (implicitly with FPU) 
the return value is put in fp0. This has been like this for ages

You may also want to read "GCC 4.2.2 and binary compatibility"
discussion from MiNT list from 2007.

	- Eero

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