[Aranym-user] EasyAraMint : a modern OS for Aranym

Philippe Noble philippe.noble at gmail.com
Sat Mar 29 15:59:12 CET 2014

> I have just tried it and it looks very good :) But I must ask - are  you comfortable with distributing copyrighted software like this? NVDI, Atari Works, ProCalc, Kandinsky, CalAppt...

Thank you Jo :)
As said in the disclaimer, all theses softs have not been nor sold nor developed for the last 10 years. You won't find any commercial active softwares (Papyrus, HD driver, Calamus), so I am pretty comfortable with it to consider them as abandon-ware.
Also, if you want to preserve The Atari patrimony there is no other options than to collect that softs; this is history man :)
Finally the probability that somebody sue me for distributing 15 years old copyrighted material no longer on sale is close to 0.

> Another thing is that N.Dialog (which btw is copyrighted too) is an extension to N.AES, not XaAES. The functionality in N.Dialog is already implemented in XaAES. The same applies to BubbleGEM, XaAES already supports this protocol.

Yes I know, these softs are not installed actually- In a future version I want to give the option to install MyAes, and in that case they will be needed.

> And a final suggestion: Maybe you should use DHCP. Then there will be no need to configure anything on the Atari-side to get networking up and running.
There is no DHCP because Aranym OSX does not support DHCP and I wanted a common install for the 3 systems. May be I will do 3 different install in the future.

philippe.noble at gmail.com

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