[Aranym-user] EasyAraMint : a modern OS for Aranym

OL o.l at lutece.net
Sat Mar 29 17:55:48 CET 2014

>> Another thing is that N.Dialog (which btw is copyrighted too) is an 
>> extension to N.AES, not XaAES. The functionality in N.Dialog is 
>> already implemented in XaAES. The same applies to BubbleGEM, XaAES 
>> already supports this protocol.
> Yes I know, these softs are not installed actually- In a future 
> version I want to give the option to install MyAes, and in that case 
> they will be needed.

Ndialog is not need by MyAES this is implemented as for XaAES and 
Ndialog is less stable than builtin function.

I think add bubbleGEM protocol soon.


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